Combined Decongestive Theraphy (CDT) is used to treat lymphoedema of the limbs. Lymphoedema is swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system. It can occur anywhere in the body, but most commonly in the arms, legs, and neck. 

Primary Lymphoedema occurs when part of the lymphatic system itself is underdeveloped or deficient in some way, but the swelling may not be apparent until puberty or even later in life. Secondary Lymphoedema occurs when part of the Lymphatic system is damaged by infection, surgery, radiation during cancer treatment or after lymph node removal. If the swelling is quite marked, In the initial decongestive phase, intensive treatment may be advised, with treatments taking place three or four times a week for two to three weeks, followed by a maintenance phase with treatmen sessions as your condition determines. Lymphoedema is a life-long chronic condition, and it is essential that it is managed effectively , with patients performing daily Simple Lymphatic Drainage, SLD themselves.


CDT is a combination of:

  • Manual lymphatic drainage

  • Compression - Multi layer compression bandages/garments

  • Skincare

  • Exercise

Treatment may also involve as applicable:

  • Limb volume measurement

  • Garment measurement

  • Kinesiotape

  • Deep Oscillation® Hivamat® 200

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